I have so far brought out three solo albums and one solo EP.

If you want to, you can make out a trilogy in the albums.

“Stones” was a dark album that paved the way.

“Open Doors” opened up the path to and through the fields.

“Fields” contemplates new paths and calls old certainties into question.

Fields (2019, Songs & Whispers)

 “Fields” is an album that evolved slowly and was finished with no time pressure. It represents how my music is now. The guests who make their mark on this album are all friends of many years. I recorded the field recordings between the songs myself, at places that are important to me.

Open Doors (2013, Songs & Whispers)

Recorded with Dirk Bewig again in “dastonstudio24”, Bargteheide, this time with guests and several tracks. The themes are all about new experiences, new perspectives, open doors and letting go.

Stones (2002)

My solo work began with “Stones”. It was recorded over two days with Dirk Bewig at his studio in Berlin. The songs deal with the rather darker side of emotional life.

 Lagavulin Hall [EP] (2009)

"Lagavulin Hall" was recorded in a small former church on the Scottish island of Islay with the help of Johannes Klaue. No overdubs, no frills, just "start and stop".